7 Best Practices of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

We all want to be successful. We want the best things for us and our family. But unfortunately, only few would want to do the work. There’s this old adage: “No Pain, No Game” or if you want a more recent, there are 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell introduced in one of his books. The thing is, if you look back in history, there was never a successful person who made it to the top without hard work and commitment. They all worked their asses to get to the top of the game. Wondering what these successful people have in common? Here are 7 Best Practices of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs. Read on.

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Successful Entrepreneurs Prepare the Night Before and Prioritize Tasks for the next day.

Successful Entrepreneurs always allot a time before calling it a day, to list down what has transpired during the day. They assess what has been done, what else needs to be done and Plan their activities for tomorrow. As they say, only fools go to battle unprepared. Book Author, John C. Maxwell, shared that he plans a night before by writing down his reflection and evaluation for the day that passed. Perhaps these burning questions could help out.

  • What did I do today?
  • Did I do my best?
  • Was I able to help someone?
  • What else needs to be done?
  • What worked?
  • What needs improvement?

Asking the right question would give you enough confidence and focus as you start to grind the next day. Thus, you are on top of everything.

Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Wake Up Early.

Waking up before everyone does is actually of great advantage. As it gives you a feeling of being in control during the actual grind. It gives you the right mindset. Successful people have this morning routine before they actual do the work. And research shows that people who wake up early tend to be happier and more productive.

And we have seen a lot of successful entrepreneurs who takes the opportunity to wake up early and do something for their well-being, before doing the hustle for work.

  • Celebrity, Oprah Winfrey, allows 20 minutes of her morning to do a meditation. It helps her clear her mind in the morning. A lot of successful people do this. Dyers for one, always start his day doing a mindful meditation.
  • Richard Branson, who owns 8 separate Billion Dollar Companies. Wakes up at around 5am, every day, to do exercise and spend time with family before getting down to business. As he mentioned in his blog, Why I wake Up Early, Over my 50 years in business I have learned that if I rise early I can achieve so much more in a day, and therefore in life.

If we notice here, these successful people did not wake up early to do business right away. They give enough time for self-care, family relationship and well-being. How do you start your day?

Highly Successful Entrepreneurs takes time to Meditate and Exercise

Indeed, Successful entrepreneurs did not just focus on the business, but always takes the time for their well-being. Why is there a need to Meditate and Exercise? Of course, we do know why? But let me give an emphasis on how it can help improve your business apart from the fact that Meditation and Exercise help in ensuring a healthy lifestyle for us.

Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Keep a Journal

Successful people share this best practice. They keep a journal. One thing about having to keep a journal is that it keeps you in touch with your core. It’s also a way of keeping track with your progress regardless of where you are in your life.

For some people. Keeping a journal has been very therapeutic for them, the process of writing became a healing process. There has been a various study that points to writing as a contributing factor in tapping one’s creativity. It also serves as a record of successes and mistakes; it raises awareness, not just of self but the things that are going on around us.

Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Invest for their Personal Development

Indeed. Entrepreneurs never stop learning. Every now and then they make sure that they are improving and if necessary, they go back to school to learn new things, new strategies to help create a better version of themselves. Sometimes, though, learning can come from the people around us. From a stranger, from an employee or ordinary people. But one thing for sure. Successful people’s mindset is always open to learning new things. As what Albert Einstein say, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Even our greatest champions in history always take the time to master their craft and still learn more. Every time they practice their craft, they develop new strategies that could contribute to their success. And as an individual, entrepreneur or not, always allow yourself to give room to continuous education.

Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Have a sense of Commitment

Commitment is such a big word, yet very powerful to make wonders if one really stays committed. In every relationship regardless of the business, personal relationships, commitment is always the keyword for success. Let me ask you, how committed are you in ensuring your businesses’ success? What are you willing to give up? How far are you willing to go? If you stick to it regardless of how difficult can the path towards a goal be? You have my respect and admiration. It takes a lot for someone to stay committed. While everyone is giving up, the committed man stays in the race. And those who stay wins.

Highly Successful Entrepreneurs are a Team player

Lastly, part of these 7 best practices of highly successful entrepreneurs is that being a Teamplayer. The success of your company would depend on how you are as a team player. How well do you sync with the team? Basically, this points out to how do you communicate with your team to get things done. If you are a great team player, this could very well impact a successful project or business. Why?

Not everyone is capable of working with a team. Please note that working with the team is not equated to bossing around and reprimanding people. It’s more of using individual strength to contribute to the team. And merely doing your own thing while being constantly aware and be willing to help another member who needs help. Good communication is one of the great ways to get things done.

John Maxwell pointed out in his book, The Qualities of a Team player, that a team player would allow other members to excel, and would be very supportive of each member’s success. Case in Point, A team player know that the success of the team is also his success. The growth of his team member is also the growth of the team.

May you take these qualities with you as you go about your journey as an Entrepreneurs. May these 7 Best Practices of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs impact your business.

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