Quality Assurance for your Business

Samsung company officially announced the replacement of all Current Samsung Note 7 in the market. It was reported that there have been 35 cases of samsung phone explosion due to battery cell issue. This incident is really surprising since the company has been impressive with their finance and marketability in the previous years that they somehow managed to level up with Microsoft and Apple in terms of competition. The company has provided high-quality products with sleek designs for years, so it’s surprising how their product’s quality control failed to ensure good quality of their products in the market. With the current incident, it’s good to discuss the importance of quality assurance for your business.  

Quality Assurance for your Business

Quality Assurance not only cost-saving, but also build market trust if done right.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is a process conducted by a company’s Total Quality Management Team  to ensure that products meet the standard. This ensures that your products are of “zero” defect. 

Total Quality Management’s scope involves testing the products, having efficient process controls, continuous improvement, and training. If you are a manufacturing business having a Total Quality Management is important.

Why is it important for your Business?

Competition is normal in the business industry. That is why a company should also invest in quality assurance apart from marketing. Both are essential in building trust and generating good feedback. Looking at what happened to Samsung Note 7, there seemed to be a failure in the security aspect of the product. How did it pass the Quality Assurance? We can only speculate. However, we now know what we need to focus on the following: 

Focus on your Product’s Quality first

Invest in Quality Assurance and ensure that everyone follows the protocol based on your company’s quality standards. It’s better to detect possible defect prior to distribution to minimize cost and improve trust rating. Keep in mind that your product is only good as your last customer’s satisfaction. When unforeseen situations happen check your company’s core competency.


Make sure that all your activities and events are fully documented. This is useful when you move forward with your business. It plays an important role as you progress in your system and processes. It also opens door for innovation. 


Evaluation is important to check on the effectiveness and efficiency of your project. Usually evaluation tools are developed based on company’s key performance indicators and progress markers. All organizations, regardless of industry, always makes sure they evaluate. This helps them when they start a new project or checks the impact of their projects.

I hope this article was helpful for you and have learned the importance of quality assurance for your business. Now let me ask, in tough situations, are you equipped in dealing company crisis?

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