What is Quality Assurance and Why is it Important for your Business?

After the Samsung Note 7 product replacement issue, I feel the need to discuss Quality Assurance and why is it important for your business.

Samsung officially announced the replacement of all Current Samsung Note 7 with a New One after an incident that happened, in which there have been 35 cases of phone explosions due to battery cell issue. See Samsung’s official statement here. Coming from a company who have been delivering high-quality products with sleek designs, it’s such a wonder how Product’s Quality Assurance failed.

Now, let’s discuss Quality Assurance and its importance for your business.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is a process that is conducted by a company to ensure that their product meets the market satisfaction and expectations. Products must be produced and be ready for the market with Zero defect. Further, Product’s Quality Assurance is part of the Total Quality Management.

Total Quality Management’s scope involves testing, process controls, continuous improvement, training and employee engagement at every level. Therefore, if you are a manufacturing business or involved in Global Trading, having a Total Quality Management is important.

Why is Quality Assurance Important for your Business?

It is pretty simple. In the real world, there is competition. The assurance you could give to your market to actually make them buy is that your product is better than what was already sold in the market. And your product should satisfy your market’s need and wants.

If we look at what happened to Samsung Note 7, in which the company pointed, “investigation and found a battery cell issue.” Given the various cases of incidents, there was a failure in the security aspect of the product. How it passed the Quality Assurance? We can only speculate.

Case in point? Your product is only as good as your last customer’s satisfaction. It is important that in the early stage of your product development, you must be able to meet the quality standard. As tendency of product failure after it is distributed to the market would cause the company’s revenue, and would affect trust rating of your market which would lead them to purchase the competitor’s product instead. However, in the case of Samsung, their approach to saving their market is to act on the complaints received. This is also important in product management. They know how to deal with it.

It is also best to always have process documentation as well as company evaluation in dealing with product failure and to make sure that such unfortunate incidents never occur again. This documentation would serve as your guide to improving your product, especially after a product failure.

Process documentation would definitely benefit your company moving forward especially in times of crisis, it would give you an idea as to how resilient can your company be in dealing a situation. It can be another point to be added up to your Company’s internal benchmarking.

Now let me ask, in tough situations, how equipped is your company in dealing company crisis?

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