What Startup Entrepreneurs Should know in Managing a Business

So You just started your business and you did all the necessary steps you need to do for a startup business. Now, it’s time to put a structure in your Business and it involves management. How well can you manage your business to make it sustainable? Remember that in every organization, a structure is important. Once you have determined the structure of your company, it’s time to start the process. In this whole thing, management plays an important role. How you Manage things can make or break your company. I have listed a bunch of points on what startup entrepreneurs should know in managing a business.

What Startup Entrepreneurs Should you know in Managing a Business

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What is actually Managing a business all about? First of all, management is all about Balance. It’s all about organizing your company in order to get things done through establishing the structure of the company and creating workable and efficient processes, policies, and strategies to get a reasonable result on a daily or long term basis. Thus, it’s scope of management is really wide and usually, depends on the Organizational objectives and areas of management. Your company’s success depends on your management system.

Your Organizational Structure

Organization basically varies on what kind of business you have. Are you a manufacturing business? Are you a limited to providing services? Once you have already decided as to what kind of business you have, it’s now time to define your company’s structure. Identify the areas of function of your company, who is responsible for the overall welfare? If the scope of the operational management of the company is too huge, do you need department managers? Are you your own Manager?

Human Resources

How many employees do you need? What are their individual roles and responsibilities? What is the necessary training they need for their growth? Providing training that would help improve employee’s performance in business is very crucial. Remember that your manpower it what makes your business tick. So you need to take care of them come up with necessary plans for growth.


Given your manpower, how does your business operates? This is the point where you develop systems and processes and decision-making protocols that the company adheres to. Without a clear operational system, you cannot expect a smooth process in running the business. Operations includes the following:

  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Training of Employees
  • Goal Tracking
  • Project Procedures

It is also important to include some tools that your company would be using in getting things done. Would you be using CRM? Or other automated platforms? It is important to include these stuff to plan it’s processes and necessary pieces of training among others. These are just some simple considerations on what startup entrepreneurs should know in managing a business. There could be more, but the most important thing is to use something that is workable for you. 

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